my main social media is currently cohost! my page there is @minecraft. it's where i post my art, code updates, funny posts, and more!


my discord is @dragongirlsnout! you can message me there if you're looking to get in touch


tumblr is my former primary social media, although i now rarely use it if ever, for a plethora of reasons. my main account on tumblr is @dragongirlsnout

i also had a few sideblogs, chief among them @kirbymusicdaily and @mariomusicdaily. i previously uploaded video game music daily to these from late 2021 to early 2024. in a similar vein, there's @mother32006mp3download, where i uploaded the entire MOTHER 3 soundtrack in order, 1 track per day, from 2022 to 2023.

my main blog also has an archive, @martengirlsnout, that contains most of the stuff i posted or reblogged in a more sortable manner.


not necessarily as much of a "social media", but i host my music client on soulseek under the username @dragongirldick!!

look upon my scrobbles, ye mighty, and despair